Real UX Designers Do not “Imitate”. They Invigorate!

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UX Designers Skills

Action never stops for a UX designer. With an A+ sense of imagination, a UX designers task also revolves rallying around developers, engineers, clients, client’s customers, project managers, fellow designers and the like, to understand perspectives. What this means is he should also possess team skills and collaborative skills besides being graced by sparkling imagination. […]

Face Off: Java Vs Python !

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Java vs Python comparison

In many ways, developers communities, forums and industry talks are abuzz with this fascinating topic. Python vs Java. Proponents of Java harp on speed, popularity and static typing features of Java. While, proponents of Python are all praise for the productivity features, dynamic typing features. Here’s an infographic that briefly covers essential points where Java […]

10 Web Development Trends that’s gonna rule 2017 and probably 2020!

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Web Designing Trends

We are at the cusp of a web development and design revolution. As businesses world over embark on disruptive digital economy, the current era stands witness to a massive transformation towards innovative digital models. This has its rub off effect on Web designing and development, UX and UI world as well. On one hand Artificial intelligence(AI) promises to break […]