How PPC Helps?

PPC stands for pay-per-click model. Aha! You Know that all. However, the scope of PPC is beyond just managing Adwords account. Basing on where your customers browse through the net, you as an advertiser will be charged for the clicks on the ads meant to interest your prospective customers. In search engine based PPC model, more than just bringing instant traffic to your website, it allows you to control the quality of traffic coming to your sites through “targeted” keywords which your prospective customers might use to search products, services or information. The term PPC is often used in Adwords context, however, there’s much more than that. Other model revolves around getting the ads placed contextually to relevant placements where prospect customers surf through to find information, socialize or engage in content that interests him. At NorthstarClicks we help you get the most out of your PPC Budgets by analyzing your business requirements and marketing objectives.

How NorthstarClicks helps?

If you are looking for a trusted company in India who can help you get the most out of your budget, NorthstarClicks can help. Right from formulating marketing strategies around PPC to creation of landing pages to bid management, we help you manage end-to-end PPC campaigns. Our expertise and client centric execution framework has earned us client’s delight and we constantly strive to improve results for our clients.

Optimize Spend

Optimize Spend by atleast 20% while maintaining consistent click traffic

Better Quality Score

Ensure Better Quality Score – Averaging from 6.5 to 7

Minimal Service Fee

Get the expertise of enterprise agency at 1/3 the cost

Higher CTR

Get Above Average-industry standard CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Better Engagement

Better Engagement by 20% by reducing Bounce Rate

Better CPA

Get Better Cost Per Acquisition with best practices with continual optimization

What is CPA and ROAS?

Start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises use PPC to serve different marketing needs. Some see it as lead generation machine, while others like start-ups may leverage it to increase brand awareness or mindshare by appearing contextually or in their search queries. Whatever the need be, it is important to calculate ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). This metric allows you gauge overall performance and maximum lead to win ratio. We at NorthstarClicks work collaboratively with the client to get the maximum ROAS for every penny spent.

Our Deliverables

Our deliverables encompass end-to-end PPC management services. Right from Set-up to strategy formulation to execution to creation of landing page to performing A/B testing, we do it all.

PPC Planning

Depending upon your marketing requirements, we start with planning and scheduling timelines. We create a formal structure organizing your product/services by core concepts or products, content, or bids.

Keywords Research and Planning

Keywords are the nucleus of Search Engine PPC campaigns. Our keyword research and planning help you ensure you targeting is precise and save on spending on unwanted and generic keywords.

PPC Strategy

We do an extensive research by collaborating with our clients to leverage tribal knowledge that helps us understand your marketing requirements, trade, competitors and key differentiator that sets you apart. We can also guide on this.

Adcopy Writing

Ad copy are essential to a PPC success. We ensure that the ad copy delivers the message and prompt your customers to take action. Not to mention, we optimize it with keywords and test consistently to increase wins.


We help you track the right data so as to save our campaigns from shooting a flare up in the sky and hoping people would notice. We ensure the entity are properly set up and tested. We use tracking as a torchlight to glean actionable insights.

PPC Optimisation

We leverage A/B testing, Multivariate Testing and Multi pages testing to optimize campaigns, funnel flow and thereby optimize the campaigns to get maximum ROAS.


Our reporting helps you glean insights that are actionable, tip you on customer journey and keep tabs on progress.

Shopping Ads

We help your implement product attributes for effective shopping ads for retail centric campaigns. Our shopping ads have shown higher CTR on an average as it is complemented by an image.

Landing Page Optimization

All strategy falls off the ground if the landing pages don’t inform, differentiate and persuade your customer to take actions. We help you optimize landing pages by giving plentiful insights to optimize customer journey ultimately resulting in higher conversion.