Quick Business Benefits Push Notifications offers to your website!

Businesses generally spend considerable amount of of time creating content, be it in a form of blog or any updates in their website.While content creation is one aspect, the other important element is its effortless promotion. In this blog post we talk a bit about that.

Since there are a lot of companies vying to get their share of website audience, one easy fix to this problem that web developers could do is to leverage push notifications. Thanks to the plethora of plugins available in WordPress, even a layman can use plugins to implement Push Notification without relying on web developers. These notifications keep the visitors updated and informed regarding what’s upcoming or new offered in your site.  You can either hire a reputed word press developer or with a little WordPress knowledge, you can use plugins to implement this functionality in-case you are using WordPress website. You can send these notifications directly to the reader’s mobile phone or desktop. This is one of the powerful ways to stay alive in the eyes of your audience and add value through content. WordPress Push notifications come as a catalyst to enhance the user experience. These minute reminders remarkably boost your web traffic and leads to higher sales conversion rates.

As you read on, you will acquire familiarity with push notifications, its advantages and disadvantages and how you can use them on your site or blog.

What is Push-Notification?

Push notifications have been in use since a long time. Earlier the push notifications have been confined to the mobile app, but later due to some technological up gradation, such push up notifications could be sent from a WordPress based site or for that matter any WCM directly to the readers on mobile or desktop. One of the advantages of using a wordpress site though, is you can do it yourself.

Here are some of key elements you can leverage Push Notifications to gain maximum business mileage:

    Upcoming Events
    Press Releases
    Product Launch
    Deals of the season
Indeed, a powerful way to keep in touch with your customers by sending constant notifications. You can use it as a marketing tool to attract, engage and inform about your business without any hassles.

Advantages of opting for push notifications:

Communicate as you publish

No need to draft long newsletter or press release to inform your customers. Push notification allows you to do this instantly. People like fresh updates, and push notifications does just that. This fresh updates keeps visitors informed about you businesses or content that matters to them. This is turn helps drive more engagement and better brand recall.

Prod your readers to keep revisiting through interesting content

It’s a fact that the audience will show interest in those things that they are familiar with This is true for both new and returning visitors. Pushnotifications allows you achieve this by constantly touching base with your visitors, prospects or repeat customers. It might also drive impulse sales to your pipeline. Just be cautious. Do not spam 

Better opt-in rates

As compared to email opt-in rates, push notifications have better opt-in rates. Some companies have realized that their opt-in rates with push notifications are 10 X more than email. Unlike emails, where you have to enter details to subscribe, Push0notifications eliminates these hassles and with just a click your visitors are all set to get fresh and timely updates.

Zero-onboarding cost: Just plug and play

Push notification are very easy to set up in Word Press. This functionality can be down loaded in your site by downloading a plug-in.There are a few push notification plug-ins which can be down loaded directly from the WP store.
    Chrome push notifications
    Push Crew 4
    Push assist

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