UX Designers Skills

Real UX Designers Do not “Imitate”. They Invigorate!

Action never stops for a UX designer. With an A+ sense of imagination, a UX designers task also revolves rallying around developers, engineers, clients, client’s customers, project managers, fellow designers and the like, to understand perspectives. What this means is he should also possess team skills and collaborative skills besides being graced by sparkling imagination. If you thought “that was it. It’s no rocket science”- then read below what actually being a UX designer fully entails.
  • Problem Solving: a real UX designer are actually problem solvers. Their deliverable might not be tangibly be visible to the outside world, but they are the most crucial layers of the game. They have to understand the requirement and strip it down to a skeleton level and start building on top of it. That requires immense patience and problem solving skills.
  • Business Skills: What on earth an interface would do if it does not bring business benefits. I am not talking about philanthropic interface:). I am talking about business interfaces that hooks customers and starts piping sales numbers. A UX designers should have essential skills like marketing, chairing meetings, presentations skills, drafting skills, research skills among a few.
  • Analytics: How would you chart a journey if you don’t have the data driven directions. That’s wher analytics comes to play. UX desginers should be adept and interpreting analytics to uncover customers real needs.
  • Many More Skills: Besides possessing all the above mentioned skills, a UX designers should have a whole bunch of skills sets to do amazing gigs. Some of these skills are – technical skills, basic coding skills, designing skills etc.

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