UX and UI difference

Web Design vs UI vs UX ..Why You Don’t Get it Right?

Off-course there’s an overlap. However, many professionals use each of them synonymous to each other. What we don’t get that there’s significant difference between UI, UX and Web Design. So, what is it? This visual representation actually resembles the equation of UX and UI Now the definitions and their interactions:

UX (User Experience Design)

User Flow Macro-interactions Steps for achieving a particular goal Walks the user through the interface Increases usabilityA breakthrough product is the one that is unique and to some extent caters to unmet, untouched needs. That’s what gives them the competitive edge. Now, how does one achieve this? That’s where UX designer comes into play. Conduct extensive analysis of market, competitors, target personas and then conceptualize a product that meet the personas need giving them “a new” experience. There’s a lot of testing involved throughout the process. Some might even take data driven approach to understand User Flow. Since, it’s time consuming most companies outsource or consult Ui/UX consulting companies to take outside-in perspectives. It’s that time Wire-frames and User flows are established. it’s then passed to UI Designers or UI consultants.

UI (User Interface Design)

look and feel, Micro-interactions refine interaction elements, bridged human interaction with interface, makes interfaces beautiful, Now that user flows are established it’s time for UI designers to make the experience aesthetically alluring and clear. This means designing micro-interactions based on personas and assisting the users as a guide to complete the “User Flow”. this might involve implementing visual hierarchy and telling the “next” steps.

Web Designer

They are graphic designer on Web. They take care of color, color palette, brand guidelines, fonts, typography. The are well versed with coding languages like Javascript, HTML. CSS etc.Hope this helps.At NorthstarClicks, we can help design, define User flows and Microinteractions with our UI and UX consulting services at nominal costs.

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