Woo Commerce Benefits

Woo-Commerce – A Plugin with Exhaustive Benefits!

According to the research done by “E-marketer Research” the E-commerce sales will be growing by 18.3% to $1.298 trillion worldwide in the current year and will continue to grow in the upcoming year. If any conclusion that you can draw by this astonishing statistics is that the B2B or B2C online market is transfiguring the dynamics of a traditional business online-method. Many of the business owners are getting their business online taking this as an awakening signal.As there are many platforms to create an e-commerce store, it is often difficult for the aspiring businesses to select the right one.In order to choose their own ideal platform, one needs to scrutinize a lot of information. However, thanks to WordPress’s popularity that there’s one plugin that does all the heavy liftings with one click. Woo-Commerce is one of the most popular plugins available to develop E-commerce solutions in WordPress.

Reason for the popularity of Woo-Commerce:

It’s free:

Woo –commerce comes with full free–downloading at one click. Apart from its free downloading and open source, woo- commerce offers substantial features that is out of the box, along with its flexibility both by nature and by additional of extensions.


One of the biggest advantages with woo-commerce is that merchants using Woo-commerce can practise a lot of flexibility with their products without exhausting their brains too much to learn about the technical aspect.

Professional yet simple:

Woo-commerce being free and user-friendly e-commerce platform actually confuses many beginners who assume it to be not so professional online store solution. But for them here comes the eye-opener, since Woo-commerce is built on the platform it comprises detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools, which enables merchants to view past and open-orders, update – delivery statuses, apply discounts and so-forth. Apart from these many others like inventory management, shipping options, tax setting coupon codes is a part of woo-commerce.

Room for growth:

Woo- commerce provides its users with the scope of growth and expansion regarding how you manage your store, products and customers. For example: Modifying the templates is now very easy whether you choose to do so via the theme files or whether you opt for using many hooks and filters.


Woo-commerce is highly reliable in terms of its products and support system. It now has the record of being the fastest growing e-commerce website; this is what makes it ideal for all the new start-ups.


Woo-commerce comes with the options of customised campaigns using which you can promote your products and keep your E-commerce platform even more engaged.

Analytics for a better focus:

Word press site development in woo commerce has empowered the user to use analytic as a tool in their website. It will help to get the details like sales per date, total sales, average order totals and much more for you to concentrate on areas where you are lacking behind.

Appealing Designs with enabled customisation:

Woo-commerce platform offers a lot number of engaging themes to the users; this is one of the reason why 20% of all the new websites are built on Woo-commerce platform. It is also possible to customise the themes by adjusting their codes and changing the CSS Styles and making the website look even more attractive.

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