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WordPress is wise and your website could be awesome!

A website acts as a powerful and efficient promotional tool that helps a company in gaining a strong foot-hold in the highly competitive market place, in the modern –internet obsessive world. A dynamic CMS system is the prime requirement to build an alluring, efficient and cost-effective website which can actually provide your visitors with an incredible portal. Word press is considered as one of the most sought-after CMS present today among all the CMS available today. It is estimated that almost 70% of the site that survive on the internet. Allmost, all small and medium –size enterprises prefer WordPress to build websites. Massive adoption of WordPress has built a big market for Word press web development services provider including us. almost What make WP admirable are its excellent features and extensions that play a vital role in developing feature-rich websites, publishing sites or blogging sites. Reasons why word press is the most preferred CMS systems in the world: • Zero Onboarding Cost All you need to get started is a domain name and a hosting provider like Hostgator, Godaddy, blueminds . You can just download WordPress CMS and get started. Your word press is completely free regardless of how much you utilize it. • Get started without formal training Word press allows any user or beginner to quickly install their site and get started as soon it’s installed. • Plenty of Plugins to choose from: Wordpress allows you choose from thousands of plugins to add features which otherwise could cost thousands of dollars if you hired a web developer. Though plugins have their own limitations and it is advised that for more complex wordpress customization it is better to seek external help from WordPress web development service providers. • Add-on features to suit your needs. Customisation options are widely and freely available on word press. WordPress comes with a number of diversified themes and plug-ins that you can choose from. Any add-ons or features that you would like to implement are all available in the form or plugins developed my WordPress Enthusiast and WordPress Solutions Providers. Some of the most popular plugins are Contact forms, Yoast SEO enhancing features and plenty more. • Most preferred platform for Bloggers Word press has amassed massive popularity bloggers community and is admired among by a large number of writers. Initially, it started as a blogging platform and later on evolved to become one of the most sought after CMS. • Responsive There are thousands of free themes that renders amazingly on mobile devices as well. This helps eliminate task of development hassles involving “media queries” and other coding stuff. • SEO is easy with word press: Sites built using WordPress are inherently SEO friendly. Further, plugins like “Yoast” that comes at free and paid versions helps you enhance on-page SEO. • All set for Multi-lingual Support Wordpress allows increased flexibility and your content can be quickly converted into any language. There are also free plugins available to support this option. • It covers large community : Word press has the largest gathering of designers, users, blogging and other contributor apart from the considerable number of CMS’s available in the area. One of the best thing about WordPress is that it has a thriving community of WordPress professionals to support. At NorthstarClicks, we love working on WordPress. If you need wordpress development services for your business, do let reach out to us. Write a mail to us at info@northstarclicks.com

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